Culham’s Funeral Home first began operating its business in the rural community of Cabri, SK and eventually moved into the City of Swift Current, SK. In 1981 Culham/Bowers Funeral Home came into existence and has been providing funeral services to Swift Current and Rural Saskatchewan for more than 25 years.

As funeral professionals our wish is to set forth the desire to offer families helpful guidance and support to make well informed decisions at a crucial time in their lives. We take pride in the professional attention that we devote to making a funeral unique and personal for each individuals life. 

There are many roles to being a funeral service provider. The qualities that we would like to ensure that are withstanding to the public is that we are skilled and dependable of taking the time and energy to assist any person in need.

Following a death, there are many arrangements that are supervised by a Licensed Funeral Director. The coordination of these arrangements is unending; that is, the cost incurred enables us to maintain staff and facilities 24 hours every day of the year. Therefore, ours is a 168-hour week and not the 40-hour week, which is the accepted standard. Many phases of our work are apparent; others are not. The following analysis of some of these details will help you understand what is actually involved. Traditions, customs, social standing, personal feeling, financial ability and a multitude of other influences affect each funeral. Our services must conform to each individual family’s wishes and their personal and religious needs.

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